Review: Awesome Wedding DJ and Guy in General


My husband Luke and I got married out at Old Forest School in April 2023 and chose Epoch Events/Chris as our wedding DJ.

I’ve known Chris for about ten years now, so it was a no-brainer.

He’s heaps of fun to be around, and Luke and I really enjoyed organising the music with him. He took us to lunch twice, and in between general chat, we actually managed to get heaps organised because he knows how to ask the right questions! He also gave us some very practical advice about how to serve liquor without things getting messy (having been to a few weddings where this didn’t happen!) and other general wedding tips we found very useful.

The way he’s set things up makes things very easy and quick to change if needed as well.

Everything he did went off without a hitch and I knew I didn’t need to worry about him on the day at all. People getting into the limbo and then a conga line (which someone thankfully filmed) immediately after is a great testament to him and his ability to manage the vibe. It was lovely looking around and seeing our loved ones dancing and having a great time. A+

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