Grace Jones Photography

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Hiya, I’m Grace! I’m a photographer based out of Rotorua, New Zealand.

I love photographing weddings, it’s my passion but I believe it’s more than just taking a good photo, it’s about telling your beautiful story.  The happiness, laughter, joy and love at a wedding is infectious. Celebration’s and emotions surrounding your day are amazing and ones that I cherish to be apart of and documenting for you. I capture and preserve those moments for you. These memories become moments in time that will last for generations.

My style is natural and genuine with a touch of elegance. Some say I’m a pretty photographer but it’s more than that. I love to photograph real emotions, beautiful locations and stunning light. I encourage you to relax and try to forget that I’m there so that I can photograph the real you as a couple, the romantic, crazy and funny moments.

I want you to look at your photos and love them, remember your day and treasure the memories.  xx